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5-day course for Yoga teachers

A special course provided by Yoga guru, Mr. Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Ambassador of India in Poland (2007-2009), Goodwill Yoga Ambassador.

The main goal of a course is giving to Yoga teachers a thorough knowledge enriched with the practice and experience of Yoga. The course gives you the opportunity to discover the essence of Yoga – the philosophy and practice. It combines dofferent Yoga traditions. It’s a unique occassion to clean your body and mind and feel, how to live as a real yogi.

Course includes:

  • Daily Asanas practice
  • Reconstruction of body balance and harmony on physical and energetic levels
  • Daily dose of thorough knowledge:
– Lectures on theory and sources of Yoga
– The wisdom of Ayurveda (you will learn the power of Ayurveda in a therapy of health disorders)
– Yoga and Ayurveda vs. logic and science


The course is the first of three training stages. Finishing all of them guarantees you Certificate of Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda


April 3-7, 2017*

*Next dates will be agreed with the participants of the first stage


2780 zł (1 person nn 2-person room)
3350 zł (1 person in 1-person Room, Hotel Elsner)
5% discount for students!

The pack includes:

4-night accommodation at the 3-star hotel
Full board – Ayurvedic meals

“Today there are many Yoga schools with catchy names created for marketing reasons only. They focus on flawlessly performed physical exercises and breathing techniques (Asanas, Pranayama and meditation). Some of them talk about the mind and body relationship, but don’t go beyond that level. They don’t focus on learning the main stages of human activity. Meanwhile Yoga should educate and allow to gain experience in all seven levels of human life, beacuse they are an integral part of nature as a entirety. These seven levels of human existence are: body, energy, mind, intellect, knowledge, consciousness, soul and God. Without this knowledge no one can get to know itself.”

Chandra M.Bhandari