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Postgraduate Studies

Creation of postgraduate studies Holistic Human Capital Management by Opole University of Technology, Opole University and the Foundation Centre for Cooperation Poland-India “Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda in Sulisław” is dictated by dynamically developing holistic concept of the organization, and within it – action of individual employees.

With us you will know how to:

Use peace and power of mind in daily life and business, which will allow you to achieve the objective of a family business, ie. to ensure a decent standard of life of the family and to enable individual development of a family member

Use meditation techniques to manage stress (Mindfulness)

Achieve the goal, turning it into a passion

Use yoga philosophy in taking life's challenges

Maintain the energy and creativity throughout the day

Studies for

• owners and managers of family businesses
• representatives of the banking and finance
• employees of consulting/training companies
• media representatives
• trainers and consultants
• therapists and educators
• people interested in their own development
• health workers

To our studies we invite people who have completed at least the first degree.

Quality guarantee

Classes are taught by experienced and well-known scientists, practitioners and mentors.

Benefits guarantee

The knowledge and skills acquired during their studies will lead to concrete benefits in participants' companies.