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Establishment of postgraduate studies Holistic Human Capital Management in family businesses by the Warsaw School of Management – College and Polish Nestor and Successer Club (PKNS) in Sulisław is dictated by the increasingly dynamically developing holistic concept of the organization’s functioning, and within it – the activities of individual colleagues.

With us you will learn how to:

take advantage of the peace and power of mind in everyday life and business that will allow you to achieve the goal of a family enterprise, i.e. ensure a dignified standard of family life and enable individual development of its members,

carry out the first effective succession,

use mediation techniques in resolving disputes in family businesses,

pass the hierarchy of values to Nestor Sukcesor,

protect the capital of a family company from division,

and why does your company need a family business constitution?

Who are the studies aimed at?

• owners and managers of family enterprises
• finance and banking representatives
• employees of consulting and training companies
• media representatives
• trainers and consultants
• therapists and pedagogues
• people interested in their own development
• health professionals

We invite people who have completed at least first-cycle studies.

Quality Guarantee

Classes are conducted only by experienced and awarded scientists, practitioners and mentors.

Benefits Guarantee

Knowledge and skills gained during the studies will lead to specific benefits in the participants' companies.