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IV International Scientific Conference on Yoga and Ayurveda

June 23-25, 2017

Discover scientifically proven knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda and practice it:
find the inspiration in yourself, make your life beautiful and conscious.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient, but still valid sciences useful in everyday life. Worldwide research and clinical studies, conducted over the past several years, conclusively confirm the effectiveness of the Indian Vedic sciences that operate across boundaries religious, racial or geographic. Due to the increasing suffering and fear related to civilisation diseases, reasonable persons are calling for a return to harmony and peace not only within ourselves and within the community, but also to live in harmony with nature and its laws. In addition, the family should be seen as a basic unit building a healthy society and individual happiness.

Honoring family values ​​is an integral part of the Vedic teachings. That’s why during the Fourth International Conference of Yoga and Ayurveda we want to meet all the traditions and practices of different cultures and civilizations around the world used to promote international understanding and peace. To participate in the conference we invite students, graduate students, researchers, practitioners and trainers of physical education, medical science, Yoga and Ayurveda, which research can help people with health problems, personal relationships and existential dilemmas. Its purpose is to provide a more natural and attractive solutions.

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dariusz Patkowski, MD,PhD, DSc – Director of the Department of Surgery and Urology, Wroclaw Medical University,
  • Prof. Joanna Rymaszewska, MD,PhD, DSc – Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education, Wroclaw Medical University
  • Dr. Tomasz Pawłowski, MD,PhD, DSc – Scientist, Wroclaw Medical University.
  • Prof. Lothar Kroll – Head of Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology, Director of IST, Dean for Research, International Relations and Gender of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Chemnitz, Germany

Chairman of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Dariusz Patkowski – a specialist in surgery and pediatric urology. Head of the Department of Surgery and Urology of Wroclaw Medical University.  A recognized authority in endoscopic surgery of children, especially newborns. Repeatedly invited as a lecturer for courses of endoscopic surgery, and as a surgeon performing training operations in Poland and abroad. It is the only Polish surgeon among the faculty of the prestigious training center of endoscopic surgery in Strasbourg, France.

Organizational Committee

  • Chandra Mohan Bhandari, former Ambassador of India and Patron of the Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda in Sulisław, Poland,
  • Jerzy Bar and Beata Bar, funders of Centre for Cooperation Poland-India,
  • Piyush Mittal, Director of Palace Sulisław,
  • Ewa Bar-Kużdżał, editor-in-chief of magazine “Yoga & Ayurveda”
  • Tomasz Bar, PRoduction Director. Publishing, film and photography,

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee

His Excellency Chandra Mohan Bhandari

He graduated in physics at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur and studied forestry at the Indian Forest College in Dehra Dun. Former Ambassador of India in Poland and Lithuania. He began his career in Indian diplomacy in 1974 and he has served at diplomatic posts in Thailand, Norway, Nigeria, and Australia. He was Indian ambassador to Cambodia and United Arab Emirates. For many years he lived in Poland, where he held the position of Ambassador of India to Poland and Lithuania; he was also Consul General in Toronto. He has been interested in India’s ancient knowledge for many years. Author of books on yoga and Ayurveda. Today he is the patron of the Sulislaw Palace. In 2016 he became Goodwill Ambassador of Yoga for 2016, nominated by Indian government Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).


Deadlines for submitting abstracts and complete papers
Please send your abstracts till January 31 and the full article till April 04. As in previous years, all accepted papers will be published in a bilingual book conference (in Polish and English), intended for free distribution to all registered participants. We count on the cooperation of all the speakers in terms of timely submission of abstracts and full papers. All the speakers whose papers will be accepted by the Scientific Committee, will get a status of honorary guest and a free shuttle from the airport and back, participation in the conference, accommodation and full board for two days (23/06/2017 arrival, departure 06/25/2017). Travel costs are covered by the speakers.
Requirements for papers
In the area of ​​interest of the conference there are the following issues related to the practice and study of Yoga and Ayurveda (we prefer the presentations of practical solutions to health and wellness):
  • Simple, logical and rational evidence of the efficacy of Yoga and Ayurveda in solutions in the area of ​​holistic health and wellness and their management, depending on the needs of different age groups;
  • Rehabilitation and restoration after a complicated surgery and chronic life-threatening illnesses, preventive care, the fight against non-communicable diseases caused by improper lifestyle;
  • Stress management, emotional disturbances and mental health, sports psychology, physiotherapy.
  • New approaches to holistic health management, to cardiac surgery, cancer, respiratory disorders, injuries and long-term care;
  • Integrative Medicine;
  • Pranayama and meditation practice in the management of psychosomatic disorders, stress and life style;
  • Any other work affecting the theme of the conference.

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