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Festival and Convention of Hatha Yoga

Starting from the meaning of the word yoga (which Mircea Eliade explained as a tie, connect, combine) we proudly present you the Yoga festival, which task is to unify the teaching environment of yogis and Yoga adepts present it in Poland. As part of the two-day festival there will be presented lessons derived from different schools and traditions of Hatha Yoga. From the most well-known Yoga style by Iyengar, Kundalini Yoga, Bajana Yoga and dynamic Ashtanga Yoga, to the practice of body position with regard to our anatomy. Festival is made by teachers invited from whole Poland. Each of them will present one or two thematic lessons.

Classes will be held in 4 halls of different sizes. As part of the festival, participants will benefit from 8 classes (90 minutes each). In addition to thematic lessons on the main stage of the festival during the day there will be conducted free Yoga and meditation as well as Yoga school presentations. The festival will be accompanied by a tent city, vegetarian dishes, stalls with Indian articles, Yoga utensils and attractions for children. To participate in these activities you should sign up and make a registration fee. After then, in March, you should choose thematic lessons, in which you want to participate.